Look and Listen Floor Puzzles

The Look and Listen Floor Puzzle range includes:

  • Look & Listen On the Farm
  • Look & Listen Transport
  • Look &Listen At the Zoo
  • Look & Listen Band
  • Look & Listen Nursery Rhymes
  • Look & Listen Honey Bear Home

Each puzzle set contains a CD with the sounds. (In some cases the puzzle may have a cassette tape, in which case a CD of the sounds may be purchased separately. Check each product's description.)

Each Look & Listen puzzle has between 24 and 35 pieces and the completed size is 62.5 cm x 45 cm.


The order of sounds played are from top left to bottom right, ie in the same patterns as one would read. This is a simple introudction to reading activities.

How to use the puzzle with the audio CD:

  1. Children assemble the puzzle and
    - listen to all the tracks on the CD
    - point to the relevant picture when they hear the sound
  2. Children remove the inset pieces from the puzzle and place them on a table in random order. They
    - listen to the CD
    - find the insert pieces that contain the animal/vehicle/instrument etc that makes the sound and places them in the correct frames
  3. Children identify the animals or vehicles
    - Ask them to name the animal/vehicle/instrument etc and also to imitate the sound it makes. Ask them questions based on various facts  found in the instruction pamphlet (eg What does the animal eat? When is a fire engine used? What is a baby lion called? What is a group of hippo called? Where would you look for a hammer? etc)

Specific skills developed:

  • Auditory Awareness: An awareness of different sounds made by eg animals, vehicles, musical instruments
  • Auditory Closure: The ability to hear to the end of an instruction, word, rhyme, song
  • Auditory Discrimination: The ability to discriminate between different sounds of animals or vehicles or instruments
  • Auditory Memory and Recall: The ability to remember what was heard and to recall it at a later stage
  • Fine Motor Co-ordination: The co-ordinated movements of the small muscles and joints of the body, eg fingers, wrists and hands as they manipulate the pieces to build the puzzle
  • Gross Motor: strengthening larger muscles eg tummy and arms as they stretch to place pieces of the floor puzzle together
  • Visual Figure-Ground Perception: The ability to focus attention on a particular item, placing it in the foreground, while allowing everything else to fade into the background.
  • Intellectual Development: The ability to form concepts, to understand, to judge, to solve problems, to make decisions, to reason and to recognise
  • Social Play: When children interact with each other learning to play together, take turns and follow simple rules
  • Vocabulary and Knowledge base. The vocabulary that children use and their 'knowledge base' that they refer to while telling or talking

Sounds in each puzzle:

Look & Listen On the Farm


   Horse  - neighs
   Dog     - barks
   Bee     - buzzes
   Sheep  - bleats
   Owl      - hoots
   Pig       - grunts; squeals


Cow      - moos
Frog      - croaks
Rooster - crows
Duck     - quacks
Hen       - clucks
Tractor   - engine sound

Look & Listen Transport


   Donkey Cart


Car smash/crash
Ice Cream Vendor
Fire Engine
Motor car

Look & Listen At the Zoo


   Track 1:   Monkey    - chatters
   Track 2:   Bees        - buzz, hum
   Track 3:   Parrot       - talks
   Track 4:   Goat         - bleats
   Track 5:   Peacock   - screams
   Track 8:   Lion          - roars
   Track 9:   Owl           - hoots
   Track 10:  Gorilla      - roars, grunts


Track 11:  Elephant  - trumpets
Track 12:  Wolf         - howls
Track 13:  Seal         - barks
Track 14:  Dolphin     - clicks
Track 15:  Frog         - croaks
Track 16:  Hippo       - brays
Track 17:  Flamingo  - honks
Track 18:  Bear         - growls

Look & Listen Band

   Double Bass
   Electronic Keyboard

Look & Listen Nursery Rhymes
   Track 1:  Polly put the kettle on
   Track 2:  Tom, Tom the Piper's son
   Track 3:  Baa baa black sheep
   Track 4:  Humpty Dumpty
   Track 5:  Hickory Dickory Dock
   Track 6:  Mary had a little lamb

Track 7:   Sing a Song of Sixpence
Track 8:   Goosy Goosy Gander
Track 9:    Ride a Cock Horse
Track 10:  Three Blind Mice
Track 11:  Jack and Jill
Track 12:  See Saw Marjory Door

Look & Listen Honey Bear Home   
   Toilet flushing
   Baby gurgling
   Vacuum cleaner

Dog barking
Telephone ringing
Grandfather clock chiming
Party sounds


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