Finger Fun instructions & benefits

Finger Fun is a game for 1 or 2 players

Instructions for playing the game:

Before play starts, the puzzle boxes should be turned upside down to ensure that the beads are shuffled.
The Copy Cards are not graded in difficulty and each card can be used with the same degree of skill and dexterity.
Remember that each Copy Card can be 'read' from four different sides.

  1. Free Play
    Give each player a puzzle box. Allow time for experimenting with the beads and designing patterns
  2. Match the beads to the patterns on the Copy Cards
    Place a Copy Card face up, in front of the child. The child holds the puzzle box face up in both hands and, using his fingers, arranges the beads to correspond with the pattern on the Copy Card.
  3. Complete a pattern in the shortest possible time
    Place a Copy Card in front of the child. Use a timer and note how long it takes to complete the pattern. Record the time and set it as a challenge for the next child or for the same child to compete against next time.
  4. Compete against each other
    Give each child a puzzle box and Copy Card. The beads are arranged according to the patterns on the Copy Cards. The first child to complete the pattern on his Copy Card is the winner.
  5. Compete against each other using only one Copy Card
    Each child arranges his beads according to the pattern on the Copy Card. The first to complete the pattern is the winner.

Additional Ideas for Finger Fun Copy Cards

  1. Use as flash cards for memory games
  2. Use for bead threading activity cards
  3. Use for sequencing activities
  4. Use as Peg Board pattern cards

Benefits of Finger Fun

  • Improve Fine Motor Skills - strengthen the small muscles of the eyes, hands and fingers
  • Develop Visual Motor Skills - learn to co-ordinate the movement of the eyes, fingers and hands
  • Learn One-to-One Correspondence - match the beads to the patterns on the Copy Cards
  • Develop Figure-Ground Skills - learn to focus attention on a specific component of the pattern
  • Learn to Concentrate - copying the patterns requires a good deal of concentration
  • Learn about Sequence - arrange the beads in a set sequence or pattern
  • Develop Planning Skills - completing a pattern requires a fair amount of forward planning. The player has to ensure that the beads are used in the correct order
  • Develop Spatial Concepts - understand position and sequence
  • Learn to compete - Finger Fun is a game which has an element of competition


The box should be held in both hands with the thumbs placed on top, leaving the fingers free to position the beads in the holes as required.
In the early stages of play, encourage the child to use all the fingers of both hands to position the beads. Later, a specific finger may be nominated.
The patterns should be read from left to right as for all reading activities.


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