• I have been a customer at Red Melon for approx. 3yrs. I can highly recommend Sue for her prompt and friendly service. Red Melon is a wonderful store packed with fantastic resources. Erica
    Posted: Thursday 11 July 2013
  • All good - clear and easy to use and find what you are looking for Well done
    Posted: Saturday 1 June 2013
  • I highly recommend your parts of speech bulletin set!! I have spent several hours searching for a suitable one and this is perfect!!
    Posted: Tuesday 14 May 2013
  • I work for a private school, and your worksheets have been very helpful and interesting.
    Posted: Thursday 25 April 2013
  • Great website and user friendly. Will be back :)
    Posted: Tuesday 16 April 2013
  • exciting to browse through
    Posted: Saturday 23 March 2013
  • Awesome site! I'm new to pediatrics and this has been a valuable resource! Thank you!!! My kids thank you too!
    Posted: Monday 18 February 2013
  • I am a teacher and did not know about Red Melon, I would recommend to others. Is there another way for you to advertise maybe in the Education Gazette??
    Posted: Monday 18 February 2013
  • Hi, just found your site and it looks great. I'm a homeschooler so am always on the look out for good teaching resources.
    Posted: Tuesday 29 January 2013
  • looks great and has competititve prices also.
    Posted: Saturday 26 January 2013
  • Very concisely written and easy to understand! And thanks for the free worksheets - very helpful!
    Posted: Thursday 6 December 2012
  • Great for teachers! I don't know of any other shop that offers such things!
    Posted: Wednesday 28 November 2012
  • a great site to navigate for great resources.
    Posted: Wednesday 7 November 2012
  • One of the best resources I have bought. Will definitely be buying from RedMelon again.
    Posted: Tuesday 16 October 2012
  • Exactly what I was looking for to assist my 6 year old.
    Posted: Wednesday 26 September 2012
  • ka pai te ahua nei.
    Posted: Wednesday 12 September 2012
  • Extremely useful for special needs educators like me. Thanks
    Posted: Wednesday 5 September 2012
  • i am ecstatic that i have found a site that caters for my needs as a parent to help my daughter creatively learn at such a reasonable price.thank you to you all heaps (Trudy)
    Posted: Saturday 21 July 2012
  • Love the many different types and styles of awards that you have to choose from online. Thanks
    Posted: Friday 13 July 2012
  • Very easy to navigate. Could easily find the information I was looking for.
    Posted: Tuesday 26 June 2012
  • Very easy to navigate. Could easily find the information I was looking for.
    Posted: Tuesday 26 June 2012
  • excellent resources. as a student teacher I am looking forward to acquiring and utilising these products in my classroom. They are perfect for my grandson who is needing a little extra help with spelling and maths.
    Posted: Sunday 24 June 2012
  • Great resourse site just what i've been looking for. Thanks
    Posted: Thursday 7 June 2012
  • Great variety of Teacher resources at competitive prices.
    Posted: Monday 21 May 2012
  • Awesome site!!! Awesome products!!
    Posted: Friday 18 May 2012
  • I've just discovered this site when I bought a book on Usave. I think it's got great curriculum content for various ages (many resources) for both teachers and parents. Very well organised and easy to look for what you want. Well done!
    Posted: Monday 9 April 2012
  • Great staff, really helpful. I ordered the wrong product and the lady was extra helpful. Can do attitude. I have found the products to be great also. Well done. My first stop when I need classroom resources. Paint and paper at a good price and it would be a one stop shop.
    Posted: Tuesday 21 February 2012
  • I have been given a copy of the bridging with a smile teachers resource book and use it frequently. Up until now I had thought it out of print. Its a great book and recommend to all teachers. Glad you stock it as it really is worth every penny.
    Posted: Sunday 18 December 2011
  • you have so many really interesting items, well done for keeping up with new toys and games and also having a selection of good oldies that never desapoint! Also thumbs up for keeping your customers on a mailing list even long after their last purchase :)
    Posted: Monday 31 October 2011
  • Just found you via the SHENET email group for north shore home ed families. I'll be starting HE with my son who turns 5 next month so excited to find another great local supplier for ed resources. Helen :0)
    Posted: Saturday 22 October 2011

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